Go, go Johnny go!!!

Go, go Johnny go!!!

"Both sides, and softly came the growl from both sides
and if his whisper splits the mist
just think of what he’s capable of with his kiss”

Catapult by Arctic Monkeys

the problem is you!!

the problem is you!!

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Still Take You Home by Arctic Monkeys

"Nada melhor que comemorar o dia do amigo sabendo que hoje lança o CD novo do Chico"

c0la-em1m said: seguiiindo
gostei muito do seu tumblr


obrigado *-*

bambeia said: Oi, tudo bem?

tudo otimo na beira do precipício =)

Suck It and See by Arctic Monkeys

All my own stuntsHigh noon changed it’s tuneLinking arms, syncing hearts

All my own stunts
High noon changed it’s tune
Linking arms, syncing hearts